Psychologist, Proprietor

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Dr. Byron Bloemer is a psychologist and proprietor of Cedar Creek Counseling and Cedar Lake Counseling. Byron offers you traditional therapies, collaborative couples therapy and advanced psychotherapies including, brain-spotting, and somatic experiencing (brain-body based emotional release for anxiety, trauma, and depression). Byron has helped clients transform their lives since 1991, moving them through and beyond depression, entrenched couples issues, anxiety, low self-worth, addictions (alcohol, internet, gambling), complex trauma, emotional issues, life transitions (divorce, career), life stressors, and business/work issues. Dr. Bloemer is a former educator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he trained doctoral and masters level psychotherapists. Dr. Bloemer trained at The University of Houston, The University of California-San Diego (UCSD) and UCSD-School of Medicine. Dr. Bloemer has interests in cycling, exercise, spirituality and dogs.