Professional Counselor

PHONE: (262) 244-6177 EXT.102


Germantown location


Karen is a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor who places value on the individual, their life experience and perspective.  Karen is skilled at helping individual clients address changes, life transitions, grief/loss, trauma, depression, anxiety, worry, self-worth, alcohol and other addictions. For families and couples, Karen identifies areas of strength within the family structure as well as underlying problems including emotional and verbal abuse that affect the balance and the overall quality of relationships.

With Karen’s background in neuroscience and specialized training in assisting families coping with verbal/emotional abuse, Karen brings a wider capacity for a careful and intelligent assessment. Karen adds to her practice a rich insight based on experience and study that has proved valuable to individuals and families coping and recovering from a variety of family, social and psychological issues.

Karen earned her master’s degree at Concordia University in 2003, which emphasized clinical psychology and neuroscience.  At the core of her counseling practice is compassion, not just as an approach, but as authentic and necessary to promote the full fruition of personal identity and one’s personal relationship to the rest of the world.