Professional Counselor

PHONE: (262) 244-6177 EXT.105



Krista will support you in the process of self-reflection while helping you find internal motivation. Solutions come through learning to find confidence and self-worth before taking action to change. Krista helps her individual and couples clients with relationship growth, assertiveness, improving depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions (alcohol, drug, internet, gambling), and other emotional states and personal growth. Krista will use a positive approach to support you while helping you find your strengths, develop healthy habits, create meaning and to build a life that is satisfying and rich. She uses various techniques including positive, wellness (physical, social, emotional, vocational), mindfulness, eastern and existential psychology. She brings strong interpersonal sensitivity, caring, warmth, and intellectual gifts to help you move toward the goals you and Krista can develop together. She holds a master’s degree in counseling. Her interests include: psychology, communication, animal psychology, politics, running, cross-fit, cultures, travel, food, and indoor target shooting.